Num of hosts € each night
1 persona 35 €
2 persone 60 €
Num of hosts € each night
1 persona 45 €
2 persone 70 €
Num of hosts € each night
1-3 persone 80 €
4 persone 100 €

The cost can slightly change during the year, depends on the period, but usually this is how much we charge. We ask 50€ in advance for booking for period shorter than 1 week, otherwise we ask for 100€, is possible to pay either with a payment throught the bank or with paypal. As soon as we receive the payment your booking is confirmed. There is an additional 20% off if you book two months ahead

La Casa del Nocio is in:
via San Cristofero, 9,
Monticchiello (53026)

Our family picture
La nostra famiglia
If you need any clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you out!

To book you can contact us at:


Casa del Nocio, via San Cristofero 9 Monticchiello, SI Italy. tel: 0578/755160 cell: 3473934756
Webmaster Livio Giorgi